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Hachimantai Resort Shimokura (Iwate)

about Hachimantai Resort Shimokura


Hachimantai Resort Shimokura is located in the northeast region of Iwate Prefecture in Tohoku(Tohoku is the most northern part of the mainland. Honshu). It is 20km south of the Appi Kogen ski resort. Hachimantai Resort Shimokura is a sister resort of Hachimantai Resort Panorama. The two resorts share a common lift ticket is available.

These two ski resorts are not interconnected with the slopes, but they offer a 10-minute free shuttle bus service. While Hachimantai Resort Panorama Ski Resort is a ski resort mainly for beginners, Hachimantai Shimokura Ski Resort is mainly for intermediate and advanced skiers. And it offers several tree-run area and off-piste slopes.

Basic Information

Longest run2,700m
Elevation 580-1130m




00 0
1 200


  • It is located at 40 degrees north same as Appi and quality of powder snow is the best in Honshu(mainland).
  • Since most of the slopes face north to northeast, quality of powder snow is kept as good condition.
  • Compared to other ski resort is Japan, Hachimantai Resort Shimokura is kind of hidden gem for powder skiing.
  • Nearby ski resorts is sometimes closed because of strong western wind, Even in that condition Shimokura can continue operation due to the easterly lift layout.


  • There are not so many slopes for beginner. For beginners it is recommended to visit Hachimantai Resort Panorama.
  • There is no direct public transportation. It is required to go to Hachimantai Panorama first, and transit to shuttle bus to Hachimantai Shimokura.

Hachimantai shimokura's Recommended course

Diamond course(length: 1,020m gradient:Max.37 Avg.25)


An advanced off-piste course located in the upper part of the resort. It has a steep slope with 37 degree and it is called "Shimokura's Wall". It is the steepest slope in Iwate Prefecture. After the heavy snowfall you can enjoy deep fresh powder snow on the long steep slope.

Silky course(length: 2,000m gradient:Max.25 Avg.18)


The longest course in the resort which start from the peak of the ski resort. You can enjoy comfortable, smooth long turn as silk. In the upper part of the course, there is a 600m GS course and anyone can try it. After the snowfall you have a chance to enjoy fresh powder snow.

Green A course(length:1,350m gradient:Max.20 Avg.14)


A wide, gentle course located at the base of the resort in which beginner and intermediate can enjoy. Compared to beginner slopes of Hachimantai Panorama it is a little challenging one for beginners.

Hachimantai Resort Panorama's basic information

Lift ticket charge

Type Adults Older Child
School age(6-18 years)
under 6 years old
1 Day JPY4,200 JPY2,900Free
5 Hours JPY3,700 JPY2,700Free




559, Matsuo Yosegi Matsukawa Kokuyuurin, Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture, 028-7302

Getting to Hachimantai Resort Shimokura

To get to Hachimantai Resort Panorama from Tokyo, the most well-known path is through a combination of train and bus transit via Morioka station. The high- speed train (Tohoku Shinkansen) from Tokyo station to Morioka station takes approximately 2hour 30minutes, followed by a 1hour bus ride to the ski resort. The guest of the Mountain Hotel can use a free shuttle bus service (Booking at least 3days in advance is required). "Iwate Kenhoku Bus " is also available which takes approx. 1.5 hours to the resort. The package of bus and lift ticket is also available. Since The destination of these busses is Hachimantai Resort Panorama, to get to Hachimantai Resort Shimokura, it is required to transit to the free shuttle bus between the two resorts.

Hachimantai Resort Shimokura Accommodation


Hachimantai Mountain Hotel

Hachimantai Resort Panorama, a sister ski resort, has a ski-in ski-out hotel "Hachimantai Mountain Hotel". It is accessible by free shuttle bus which takes approx. 5 minutes. Near the resort there are several hotels and Ryokan (Japanese Inn). They are not walking distance.