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Hachimantai Resort Panorama (Iwate)

about Hachimantai Resort Panorama


Hachimantai Resort Panorama is located in the northeast region of Iwate Prefecture in Tohoku(Tohoku is most northern part of the mainland, Honshu). It is 18km south of the Appi Kogen ski resort. Hachimantai Resort Panorama is a sister resort of Hachimantai Resort Shimokura. The two resorts share a common lift ticket. These two ski resorts are not interconnected with the slopes, but they offer a 10 minute free shuttle bus service. Hachimantai Resort Panorama is well known for wide gentle slopes. We can say the gentle beginner slope offered by Hachimantai Resort Panorama is one of the best beginner slopes in Japan. The longest beginner slope has 2,700m of length. And on the slope there is a high-speed quad lift which allows beginners to get a lot of laps.

Hachimantai area is also renowned for the amazing powder snow same as Appi Kogen. Beginner can enjoy wide, gentle, comfortable slope with high quality soft powder snow. This is the great experience for beginners and kids! Another advantage is a Kids'park which offers a variety of snow activities, such as snow mobile, tubing etc.. We can say the combination of the superb beginner courser and kid's park is a highlight of the Hachimantai Resort Panorama. As for accommodation at the Hachimantai Resort Panorama ski resort there is ski-in ski-out western style hotel "Hachimantai Mountain Hotel". This is also a good point for families.

Basic Information

Longest run2,700m




0 300


  • It is located at 40 degrees north same as Appi and quality of powder snow is the best in Honshu(mainland).
  • It offers a lot of wide, gentle slopes which is ideal for kids and beginners.
  • The quality of beginner slope is one of the best in Japan.
  • High speed quad lift on the beginner slope is convenient. And it is hooded lift.
  • In front of the main slope there is ski-in ski-out hotel.
  • Facilities for kids is well maintained and attractive. Snow playing area and training area for skiing are separated


  • Most of the courses is suitable for beginners and low-end intermediates. It is difficult to satisfy high-end intermediate and advanced skiers. For them it is recommended to visit Hachimantai Shimokura.

Hachimantai Panorama's Recommended course

Conide A course(length:2,600m, gradient:Max.16° Avg.12°)


Conide A courses is the main slope of Hachimantai Resort Panorama. On the slope there is a hooded quad lift and it realizes very efficient skiing. We can say this slope is one of the best beginner slopes in Japan, from the viewpoint of length, gradient, width, and quality of snow. Night skiing is available in this course.

Panorama A course(length:2,700m, gradient:Max.18° Avg.12°)


Panorama A course is a wide, gentle, long slope located next to the Conide A course. It is suitable for high end beginners and intermediates. The upper part of the course is intermediate section and it has No.2 double chair lift which allows skiers to enjoy only this intermediate section.

Panorama C course(length:800m, gradient:Max.18° Avg.14°)


Panorama C course is connected from Panorama A course. Compared to other course in the resort, it is a little narrow. You can enjoy meandering of the slope.

Hachimantai Panorama's facilities for kids and families


In front of the Hachimantai Mountain hotel there is a designated Kid's area called "Hachimantai Winter Land". It is a special area for snow activities, such as Snow Mobile, Snow Banana boat, sleds etc. Entrance fee per day is JPY600- 12,00. It includes rental charges for sleds, not include special activities like riding the snowmobile. In this area, it is not allowed to ski. There is another special area for practicing ski and snowboard.

Hachimantai Resort Panorama's basic information

Lift ticket charge

Type Adults Older Child
School age(6-18 years)
under 6 years old
1 Day JPY4,200 JPY2,900Free
5 Hours JPY3,700 JPY2,700Free




1-509-1, Matsuo Yosegi, Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture, 028-7306

Getting to Hachimantai Resort Panorama

To get to Hachimantai Resort Panorama from Tokyo, the most well-known path is through a combination of train and bus transit via Morioka station. The high- speed train (Tohoku Shinkansen) from Tokyo station to Morioka station takes approximately 2hour 30minutes, followed by a 1hour bus ride to the ski resort. The guest of the Mountain Hotel can use a free shuttle bus service (Booking at least 3days in advance is required). "Iwate Kenhoku Bus " is also available which takes approx. 1.5 hours to the resort. The package of bus and lift ticket is also available. You can visit this ski resort from Morioka city as a day trip.

Accommodation near Hachimantai Resort Panorama


Hachimantai MountainHotel

At the Hachimantai Resort Panorama ski resort, a ski-in ski-out style hotel "Mountain Hotel Hachimantai" is available. It is western style hotel and of course offers western style room with beds. It has Onsen(hot spa) facility. Near the resort there are several hotels and Ryokan (Japanese Inn). They are not walking distance.