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Top12 longest ski slopes in Japan

Top12 longest ski slopes in Japan

We picked up ski resorts, which have slopes with the longest distance of 6,000 m or more and make ranking as a following table. Nozawa Onsen is in the 1st position, which has a length of 10,000m, followed by three ski resorts of Myoko Suginohara, Zao Onsen, and Hakuba Happo one which has 8,000m to 8,500m. The data of longest distance of each ski resort are one of an indication to know the scale of the resort. The Longest distance of some ski resorts includes forest road courses for beginner (course just like a road). The detailed information about top 4 ski resorts are introduced on the following page.

Rank Resort Location Distance
1st Nozawa Onsen Nagano Pref. 10,000m
2nd Myoko Suginohara Nigata Pref. 8,500m
3rd Zao Onsen Yamagata Pref. 8,000m
4th Hakuba Happo One Nagano Pref. 8,000m
5th Ontake 2240 Nagano Pref. 7,000m
6th HAKUBA47 Nagano Pref. 6,400m
7th Sapporo Teine Hokkaido 6,000m
7th Joetsu Kokusai Nigata Pref. 6,000m
7th Kagura Nigata Pref. 6,000m
7th Ryuou Sow Park Nagano Pref. 6,000m
7th Maiko Snow Resort Nigata Pref. 6,000m
7th Tengendai Kogen Yamagata Pref. 6,000m

1st Nozawa Onsen ski resort 10,000m


The longest route of Nozawa Onsen consists of 4 courses. It starts from "Yamabiko area" located near the peak of the ski resort. The skier can enjoy powder snow and beautiful scenery from the top of the mountain at an altitude of 1,650m. Then skiing in the wide, gentle "Uenodaira slope" and "Paradise slope". After that, going down to the base via Forest road course. The total length of these courses are 10,000m which is the longest in Japan!


There is another long cruising route. This route have 4,500 of length and consists of "Yamabiko area" and "Skyline course" and "Karasawa slope" On the Yamabiko-area skier can enjoy fine powder snow and in the Skyline course can enjoy skiing with panoramic view. The highlight of this route is the vertical drop of approx. 1000m.

2nd Myoko Suginohara 8,500m

Myoko Suginohara is located in Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture. The longest slope of Myoko Suginohara is 8,500m and it consists of 5courses, "Shakunage course", "Panorama-connecting course", "Suginohara connecting course", "Downhill course", and "Shirakaba family course". The total vertical drop of these slopes become 1,123m in total (1855m -> 731m). In the "Shakunage course" located near the peak you can enjoy the majestic panorama view and high quality powder snow. "Downhill course" is one of the popular cruising course of Myoko Suhinohara and you can enjoy comfortable high speed turns. The goal of this route is "Family course" which has gentle beginner slope.

3rd Zao Onsen Ski resort 8,000m


The longest route of Zao Onsen has the length of 8,000m and consists of 4 slopes such as "Zange-zaka", "Yutopia", "Hyakumannin" etc.. The beginning is the "Zange-zaka" on which you can enjoy watching beautiful scenery made by "Snow Monsters" especially at near the peak. Although it is indicated as intermediate course, it is narrow and a little difficult for low-end intermediates. After that you can enjoy comfortable cruising in Jyuhyo-gen course surronded by "Snow Monsters". Then you go into the wide, comfortable slopes "Yutopoia", "Hyakumanin" . The goal of the route is "Yokokura slope". The total vertical drop of these slopes becomes 800m in total (1661m -> 855m).

4th Hakuba Happo One 8,000m


Hakuba Happo One ski resort is a large-scale ski resort located in Hakuba village in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture. It has 220 hectare terrain, 23 lifts and 1,071 meters vertical difference. The longest route has 8.000m of length. It starts from the peak of the resort and go down to the "Sakka slope". Actually it includes long forest road course. We can say most popular long cruising course in Happo one is "Risen Slalom course". It is the long run with 3,050m length and 800m vertical difference. This specification is very rare in Japan. High speed long carved turn can be traced across the broad, long, perfectly groomed slope.