Information about Skiing in Japan


Side trip from Ski resorts in Japan

Trip from major Ski resorts in Japan


It goes without saying that skiing is a sport that depends on the weather. Japan`s snow resort are famous for heavy snowfall and sometimes you may encounter a blizzard during your trip. Sometimes the lifts operation in the ski resort is canceled. On such a day, we recommend you to change your mood and go on a trip. In this web site tourist spots near the major ski resort are introduced which can be accessed as a day trip. In these spots you can enjoy beautiful scenery, Japanese cultural experiences and delicious local foods.



Trip from Hakuba


Tourist spots in Matsumoto-city, Nagano-city are introduced which are accessible from Hakuba as a day trip.

Onsen experience in Hakuba


Hakuba is one of the best place to enjoy Onsen(Hot spring). You can check recommended hot spring facility and related information.

Nozawa-Onsen town


Nozawa-Onsen is one of the famous historical Onsen (hot spring) town in Japan. Night life like restaurants and bars are also enjoyable.

Nagano`s Local gourmet


Nagano has the largest number of ski resorts in Japan. Local gourmet foods of Nagano are introduced. Soba, Oyaki, Nozawa-na etc..

Trip from Gujyo


Gujyo area is a cluster of ski resort in Gifu prefecture. From there you can access to world famous tourist spots including "Shirakawa-village".