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Geto Region | Iwate Prefecture,  Tohoku

Geto region


The Geto region is located in Kitakami City in the southern part of the Iwate prefecture, and it is known as the "GOSETSU-area" in Japan, meaning "an area of heavy snowfall." The average annual snowfall per season is over 20 meters! The most famous ski resort is the Geto Kogen (although it is the only one in the area), which is especially popular among powder lovers in Japan. Recently, it has been gaining popularity among foreign skiers. Snowfalls there are incredibly heavy and allow numerous opportunities to enjoy deep snow. The Geto Kogen ski resort is relatively easy to reach, by undertaking a 50 minute bus journey from Kitakami Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen (high speed train) and about 70 minutes by car from Hanamaki airport.

Major Ski resorts in Geto

Resort Vertical Course Lift Longest Level
Max Min Beginner Inter-m Advanced
Geto Kogen 1,070m 640m 14 5 2,980m 30% 35% 35%

Access to Geto


(Left)Tohoku Shinkansen  (Right)A bus station in Kitakami station.

The most popular way to reach Geto Kogen ski resort from Tokyo is via train and bus. The nearest station is Kitakami station, and the high speed train (Tohoku Shinkansen) from Tokyo to Kitakami takes 2.5-3.0 hours, followed by a 50 minute bus ride to the resort. Free shuttle buses operated by the ski resort are also available. Alternatively, the trip from Hanamaki airport takes approximately 70 minutes by car.

Accommodation in Geto

The ski center of the Geto Kogen resort offers ski-in, ski-out accommodation. There are three types, which includes skier's bed, dormitory room, and western style hotel type room. "A skiers bed" provides simple accommodation, sharing a big room containing around 90 beds. The dormitory is a simple room with 4-6 beds. There are also hotel-style luxury rooms called "Premium Stay “豪” Gou," though only three of these are available. There are also Onsen Ryokan (Hot spring inns) within about a 15 minute drive from the resort, and from which a shuttle bus service is available. The nearest city is Kitakami, where there are several western style hotels and a shuttle bus service (50 minute joruney time).